As Stock Market Analyst, we scanned the stocks and brought a gem (breakout stock) for our readers. We went through multiple stocks, analyzed them, and found one stock that fulfills all the checklists that a good stock should have.

Yes, we are talking about J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. This stock has given a five years breakout with good volume. The chart of the stock is also looking very interesting. Also, the stock has given a 27.7% return in just one year.


J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was established in 1976 and it is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in India.

The company came up with an ambition to provide affordable medicines in India and across the whole world. Now the company exports its products to more than 30 countries which is located in Mumbai.



As you can see the stock is in the up trend for a long time and today on 18th November 2022 JBCHEPHARM (J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) moved 3.71% up and closed above five year high at 2117.90 and gave a breakout. You can also spot a very beautiful V shape on the weekly chart of the stock.


  • J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is giving excellent returns compared to fixed deposits, bank interests, and other mutual funds investments.
  • The stock has delivered great growth of almost 19% CAGR in the last five years which is amazing.
  • The company is continuously maintaining a decent dividend to its investors.
  • The annual revenue of the stock rose 14.32% in the last year which is 3.8% more than its sector revenue for the last fiscal year.
  • The quarterly revenue rose 36.50% YoY and the quarterly net profit rose 13.63% YoY.
  • Price to earning ratio of the stock is 14.57 lower than its sector price to earning ratio.
  • In the last quarter mutual funds holding also increased by 0.28%.
  • The stock is outperforming its sector by 27.86%.
  • Almost no promotor holding is pledged.
  • The stock is still not in the overbought zone.


  • JBCHEPHARM is trading at 7.07 times its book value.
  • The shareholding of promotors decreased by 0.04% in the last quarter.

There are lots of positives of JBCHEPHARM rather than just giving breakout over the years. The company is also doing an excellent job. Our analysis suggests that J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. may continue to outperform and make its investors healthier.

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